Fig candle from the Core collection is a candle with the scent of ripe figs combined with the aroma of blackcurrant, elderberry and deep patchouli . The WoodWick Core collection is characterized by an elegant hourglass shape and wooden lids typical of WoodWick products. The smallest size candle with a minimum net weight of 85 g burns up to 40 hours, the average candle with a minimum net weight of 275 g burns up to 100 hours, while the largest candle with a minimum net weight of 608 g burns up to 175 hours.Cracles as it burns. This is what the manufacturer of the candle presented here, the WoodWick brand, talks about its candles. Just what does this really mean? Candles of the American brand WoodWick are characterized by a natural, wooden wick, which when burning makes a soothing sound, reminiscent of wood burning in the fireplace . But a wooden wick is just the beginning ...
Candles from WoodWick are also characterized by beautiful shapes, elegant, wooden lids, unusually long burning time and quick release of smells, and these smells ... well. It's hard to talk about them. You have to feel it! But for the sake of accuracy, we will only say that due to the best quality wax mixed with soy and highly concentrated fragrance oils and thanks to the fantasy of a team of specialists for luxury pleasures, WoodWick candles smell like a walk on the promenade, like ginger macaroons, like first love, fresh bedding, pleasant a day at the SPA and caramels with snow sprinkles made of real sea salt ... So all that you love.

Core WoodWick Fig Candle

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