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Welcome to the jungle! Join these wild creatures for splish splash and watch magic happen as you turn the pages. The Messy Jungle Bath Book from Tiger Tribe has a clever feature; when dipped in warm water the dirt splashed across the faces of the animals miraculously disappears.

Kids can scrub the critters clean then watch the cheeky toucan, crocodile, tiger, monkey and racoon get dirty all over again as the water cools and mud reappears!

Bath toys and books are a helpful way to engage toddlers protesting their bathtime routine. Tiger Tribe’s waterproof bath books are soft and durable, and designed to make bathing fun.

Bath Book - Messy Jungle product features:

Jungle wildlife bath book

Muddy spots disappear in warm water

6cm x 16cm x 3cm

For children aged 6+ months

Bath Book - Messy Jungle

SKU: 9341736101304
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